What is the breed attire for showing Braford Cattle?

We ask that all exhibitors are dressed neatly and wear the Braford maroon exhibitors shirts, these shirts are available for purchase from the office.
You can view all Braford Society Merchandise here.

What is the maximum amount of characters allowed in a Stud prefix and an animal’s name?

There is no limit on the amount of characters you wish to use in your stud prefix or animal’s name within reason. Your stud prefix must make sense and represent your herd and the Breed well. Most registered animals under this prefix will have the prefix before their name, For Example: Wingham 1234 (Wingham being the stud Prefix and 1234 being the beasts reference) or Wingham Rosie etc.

How does the tattooing system work and can we use a lettering system?

How you start your references is up to each individual stud, however tattoos must match the firebrand on the beast and the registration certificate.
You are allowed to use a lettering system that ties in with the current year. Please refer to the Year Codes Table here.

Is it compulsory to brand registered stud cattle?

In short yes. Your registered brand (as per your name and property pic number) along with the animal’s stud identification number (this number is also the animals tattoo number)).
The animal’s identification number must correspond with the registration certificate.
Please note that the Herd book number and identification number (Tattoo number) can be two different numbers depending on how and when you process your cattle in correspondence to registering your cattle. For Example Tattoo / fire Brand no. 1234
Herd book No. 112233

Does the Braford Breed have Breedplan?

In the past the Braford Society has been a member of Breedplan, but most of our members have decided to not use Breedplan. However individuals can continue to supply data to Breedplan at their own cost.

What is the average weight range for bulls?

The average mature weight for bulls is 750kg – 900kg.

What is the average weight range for females?

The average weight for mature females is 500kg – 650kg.

What is the average birth weight for calves?

The average birth weight for calves is 25kg – 30kg.

What is the average price range for bulls and females?

Average price for bulls is $5500.00
Average price for females is $1000.00

Do Braford Bulls make good terminal sires for crossbreeding programs?

Yes and we encourage these programs.

Are Braford cattle suited to all Australian climates and conditions?

We have members in all States of Australia and hoping to have some new members from New Zealand. Braford cattle have proved over the years they are adaptable to all climates from the heat in the Western Queensland and Central Northern Territory to the cold in southern New South Wales and Victoria. These cattle can live and not only that but thrive in almost any climate.

Do pure breed and cross breed steers and heifers finish well on grass and grain feeding?

Given the right conditions Braford cattle will finish well on grass alone. They also have proven time and time again in feedlot competitions that they finish extremely well on grain.

Are Braford cattle polled / horned or both?

Braford cattle are both.

Are there any restrictions on the use of AI and ET work and programs in the breed?

All AI and ET programs must be approved by Management and the current owners of the donor cattle.   However we do encourage these programs.

Are there any restrictions on the amount of Brahman and Hereford content in the breed?

Braham inheritance in the Braford cattle to be evident in their appearance, indicative of ¼ – ¾ Brahman Characteristics.