Origin of the Braford


Brafords are a real Australian success story, first developed in 1946 when Brahman genetics were introduced into a Hereford herd in Central Queensland to combat the staggering losses caused by cattle tick and eye cancer.

In 1962 a group of visionary cattlemen met in Rockhampton with the intention of forming an organisation to represent Braford cattle breeders. The Australian Braford Society was formed and has continued to prosper in Australia and worldwide.

2012 proudly marked the 50th Anniversary of the Australian Braford Society. It was a time to reflect and thank the pioneers of our breed for their determination and dedication and also a time to look forward, set goals and expand.

Brafords are bred to withstand the harshest seasons while remaining fertile and functional. Backed by feed efficiency data and meat quality awards, the modern Braford has a great deal to be proud of and the ability to enhance any straight or crossbreeding program.