New Dimension Braford sale hit $18,000 twice

Martin Bunyard29 Aug 2017, 2 p.m.

Over 50 buyers registered to purchase stud cattle at this year’s New Dimension Braford Sale at Bell last Saturday.

The multi-vendor sale included the Amor family, Carinya, Dulacca, Donovan family, Ashby, Jimbour, the Hoffmann family, Downfall Creek, Guluguba, the Knauth family, Oakey, Little Valley Grazing, Casino, NSW, the McNamara family, Strathgyle, Bell, N Pacholke, Sunnylawn, Clifton, the Roddau family, Lime Vale, Dalby, R Ryan, Banyula, Emerald, the Skerman family, Wandoan.

A total of 20 Bradford bulls and 47 females were on offer at the sale.

The Amor family, Carinya, Dulacca sold the top price bull for $18,000, which was the first sale lot of the day Carinya Stirling bull (P). The sire was purchased by Jack Meek, Cargara Cattle Company, Cargara Station, Charleville.

Cargara Cattle Company also bought the equal top price bull, Lot 20 Carinya Turvey (S), for $18,000 from the Amor family as well.

Overall, the sale grossed for the bull section $102,850 with a sale average of $7346 and the clearance rate of 93 per cent.

Top price female of the sale was also the first lot sold in the section, 19-month-old Corinda 2849, for $5,000 to Stewart Anderson, Devils Nest, Theodore.

Overall, the registered Braford females sold for a gross of $84,000 and an average of $2400 with a clearance rate of 95pc.

Second top priced registered female of the sale was Carinya 2827 for $4750 and sold to the McNamara family, Strathgyle, Bell.

Nine commercial Braford females made 100pc clearance and topped $1,600.

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