Cross breeding

Braford cattle are bred to withstand the diverse Australian climate, with resilience and versatility to perform under tough conditions. Affordable genetics that will enhance any breeding program, with mothering excellence and ease of calving, to turn off top weight weaners. Commercial beef producers should consider Brafords for their crossbreeding programs. Crossbred Braford cattle have proven themselves in the commercial market and feedlot environments.

Crossing Braford Bulls with your current female herd enhances the advantage of hybrid vigour. Smaller calves ensure trouble free births in commercial operations and the Braford cross hybrid vigour ensures above average growth performance. The end product meets all the requirements for a vast range of markets and tremendous weight for age.

Adaptability and versatility from the snow to the desert have been proven with Brafords and their crossbred counterparts. Take advantage of hybrid vigour, increased animal fitness, fertility and carcase traits.


Russell and Helen Whiteman looked for a breed of cattle that would withstand tougher conditions but still finish well for their target EU market. They believe Braford cattle have just the right amount of Bos Indicus genetics to easily handle tough season but still enough British blood to be welcomed by the meatworks. “We find the Braford-cross cattle are well liked by the meatworks. We aren’t too scientific about the way we breed – we just try to keep a Braford base.” Russell Whiteman, Rolleston, Queensland

“They consistently earn a 20 per cent price premium above ordinary Japanese ox grades and usually do this as milk or two-tooths.  We would not change from the breed while we can get the high-quality Brafords.” Radke Family, McEuen, Queensland

The McConachy’s Braford based herd has continually proven itself against other breeds in terms of handling tough conditions and producing progeny that turn-off early. “We have no plans to make major changes to our breeding herd – the Brahman/Braford-cross has worked well for us for many years, so we are happy to keep using them.” Bob McConachy, Cloncurry, Queensland

The journey of life’s experiences has taught Kevin Esmond the value of cattle that perform consistently well and return a good profit edge, so it’s no surprise he’s a Braford fan through and through.  “I was a great Hereford man when I took over from Dad, but now find that we get more weight and a better article by crossing back and forth with Brahman cows and Braford bulls, then putting Brahmans back over the female progeny.” Keith Esmond, Emerald, Queensland

“The breed’s other dual purpose appeal is having a high level of fertility and the ability to produce steers ideally suited to the feedlot requirement.” Ray Kidd, St George, Queensland

“Our Braford females are the core of our beef business. Using Red Angus bulls over our Braford females have given us heavier weaners, with great body shape that are highly sort after in the local markets. The Brafords work our steeper country better than other breeds allowing more cattle to run on our property. We have been breeding with Brafords for over 25 years and have always been proud of the results.” Wayne Owers, ‘Beddingdown’ Marshdale via Dungog, New South Wales