BF1 forms

Once your Membership is confirmed and your stud is established your initial animals will be transferred and will appear on your Herd Listing (BF1 forms). Your Herd Listing is a list of all your females which you will use to record and send in registrations for their progeny.

The Herd Listing is printed annually and posted out to Members at the beginning of each year (usually February).

Please keep your Herd Listing in a safe place as you will need it for future registrations.

BF1 forms come in triplicate with the original (white) sent to the Society office for processing and the yellow and back copy kept by the breeder. If you are required to send an additional lot of registrations before the following BF1 forms are printed, please use the yellow copy (the back copy is for your records). Only yellow copies which are written in ink will be processed by the Society office as other copies would have already be processed when the white page was received.

If you need help completing your BFI form please contact the Society office on 07 4927 5196.