The 2017 Riverina National Braford Sale had a similar number of Bulls catalogued this year. Of the 172 bull catalogued, 151 were presented on sale day of which 131 bulls sold for an 83% clearance.

Sale average was $7056 with a creditable top price of $42,500.

Landmark sold 57 bulls (61) to average $ 6193

Elders sold 47 bulls (55) to average $6691

SBB sold 27 bulls (35) to average $8407

Buyers came from most parts of Queensland with bulls selling to the Northern Territory and South Australia as well as New South Wales. There was a noticeable absence of regular buyers from Western and South Western Queensland who are experiencing extremely dry conditions.

Top price of $42500 was paid for Lot 99, Carinya Sweeney, purchased by Brian and Trinket Anderson, Theodore was 28 months with an EMA of 130cm, P8 fat scan of 17, rump fat scan of 12, an IMF of 4.2 and weighed 926kgs.

This has been the 12th time Carinya has topped the National Sale.

Jack Meek, “Cargara”, Augathella purchased Lot 170, Carinya Theo for $26,000. The 23 month old Theo had an EMA of 117cm, a P8 of 16, rump fat of 10 with an IMF of 45.2 and weighed 810kgs.

$26,000 was also paid for lot 148, Little Valley Foster and purchased by Wilson Grazing,  Redbank, Mitchell. Foster, at 32 months, scanned an EMA of 140cm, fat scans of 15 and 10, an IMF of 3.8 and weighed 1032kgs. Nobbs Cattle Co, Duringa, secured the Ekka Champ, Little Valley Milford for $20,000 – Milford boasted an outstanding EMA of 151cm, fat scans of 10 & 7 and tipped the scales a touch over 1050kg.

7 bulls (4.64%) sold from $20,000 and above.

8 bulls (5.29%) sold from $15000 to $20,000

7 bulls (4.64%) sold from $10000 to $15000

45 bulls (29.8%) sold from $5000 to $10000

57 bulls (37.75%) sold from $3000 to $5000

It was the Amor Family, Carinya, Dulacca who topped the Vendor average with 11 bulls averaging $17,545.

The Bennett Family, Little Valley , Stratheden sold 10 to average $ 10,800.

LT & ME Acton, Riverton, Gogango sold 4 bulls to average $ 9,625

S & E Lill, Chadwick Downs, Coonabarabran sold 6 bulls to average $ 8,333.


Paul and Janice Anderson, Eureka Grazing, Alpha outlaid $46,000 for eight bulls, topping at $16,000 and averaging $5750.

Tigrigie Cattle Co outlaid $45,000 for six bulls topping to $16,000 to average $7500/head.

John Murray “Oban”, Richmond also bought six bulls topping at $6000 to average $4083/head.

Barry Galloway & family, Barrian, Blackwater outlaid $18,000 for six bulls to average $3000/head.

The Jones family, Forest Home, Marlborough put together six bulls for $18,000.

Crawfords, Charters Towers, outlaid $21,000 for five bulls topping to $5,500 to average $4250/head

Mick Wells, “Yandina”, Springsure outlaid $29,000 for five bulls to average $5850 and top at $7000.

D & L Bird, Indiana Station, Alice Springs, Northern Territory bought Carinya Tex for $14,000, their only purchase and Treloar Grazing, South Australia put together four bulls to average $7750 to top at $11,000.