Services and fees

The Fee Schedule is reviewed annually with new schedules sent out to Members early each year (January/February). Please contact the Society office if you are unsure what fees you need to pay.

Late Transfer (if not completed within 90 days of sale)$50.00

Late Transfer (if not completed within 90 days of sale)$50.00

Female Registration less than 12 months$16.50
Female Registration 12–24 months$22.00
Female Registration 25–36 months$27.50
Female Registration over 37 months$55.00
Record N or U animals onto the database$2.20
Male Calf Recording$16.50
Male Adult Register (previously Calf Recorded)$55.00
Male Adult Registered (within 12 months of birth)$55.00
Male Adult Register (not Calf Recorded 12-36 months)$77.00
Male Adult Register (not Calf Recorded over 36 months)$121.00
Register classified Male$385.00
Classification Female$33.00
Male First TransferNo charge
Male Second and Successive Transfers$16.50
Female Transfer$16.50
Late Transfer (if not completed within 90 days of sale)$50.00
Late Transfer (if not completed after 180 days of sale)$100.00
File Change / Correction$2.20
Major File Change / Correction (not including Certificate)$11.00
Minor Changes (not including Certificate)$2.20
Certificate Re-issue$5.50
Culling / Inactive Fee$2.20
Artificial Insemination / Embryo Transfer Certificate$5.50
Semen Sale Register Listing Fee$11.00
5 Generation Pedigree Certificate$16.50
5 Generation Pedigree Certificate Reprint$5.50
Genestar testing$71.50
Herd Listing$11.00
Breed Development Fund (per female per year)$5.50
Active Membership$341.00
Junior Membership$33.00
Associate Membership$55.00
Commercial Membership$77.00

Registrations, recordings etc will not be accepted unless payment is enclosed or deposited into The Australian Braford Society Incorporated account. A Tax Invoice will be produced and returned to you with your monthly statement for GST purposes.

*Cost is gst inclusive and subject to change